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Urinary incontinence is a troublesome and often embarrassing condition, but fortunately, there are treatments to help manage it. In Mandeville, Louisiana, at the RAO Medical Spa & Anti-Aging Clinic, Dr. Purnachandra Yerneni offers a variety of effective solutions and treatments to help reduce and even alleviate your symptoms, including hormone therapy and the highly anticipated O-shot®. Start with a consultation and call or schedule online today.

Incontinence Q & A

What is incontinence?

Urinary incontinence entails the uncontrollable leakage of urine. Your bladder stores urine. When you’re ready to urinate, your brain tells your sphincter muscles — the muscles that prevent urine from leaking — to open and your bladder’s muscles to contract. If any part of this system breaks down, you might experience leakage.

What are the different types of incontinence?

The different types of urinary incontinence are:

Stress urinary incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence, or SUI, is typically the result of weakened and stretched pelvic muscles.

Overactive bladder

Overactive bladder, or OAB, involves a frequent and rapid uncontrollable urge to urinate. OAB may be the result of overactive bladder muscles or your brain mistakenly communicating to your bladder and instructing it to empty even when it isn’t full.

Mixed incontinence

Some people experience mixed incontinence – a bothersome combination of both overactive bladder and stress incontinence.

Overflow incontinence

Overflow incontinence occurs when a blockage affects the normal flow of urine, when your bladder is full and can’t empty, or when your body creates more urine than your bladder can hold.

What are the different treatments for incontinence?

Dr. Yerneni offers a number of treatments for urinary incontinence. He can help you to determine the right treatment for you.

Hormone therapy

In some cases, in women, urinary incontinence can be due to declining levels of the female reproductive hormone estrogen. Hormone changes can happen throughout a woman’s lifetime, and a drop in estrogen levels can lead to urethral atrophy, thinning of the tissues, a weakened opening to the bladder, and a lack of bladder control.

Dr. Yerneni provides safe and effective hormone therapy to restore hormonal balance and relieve the symptoms of incontinence.


The O-shot is available at the Westside Med Spa — a branch of Internal Medicine Clinic — and involves platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, in which your blood is drawn and a centrifuge isolates growth factors that prompt your body’s natural healing process.

The PRP is injected into the female reproductive region to stimulate collagen and connective tissue production and strengthen and rejuvenate the pelvic floor muscles.

To treat your urinary incontinence, Dr. Yerneni might also recommend:

  • Supplements
  • Drink less liquid during the day — but not to the point at which you become dehydrated
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Certain medications
  • Regular rehabilitative exercise

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