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Supplements are an excellent treatment to restore vitamin levels, address deficiencies, and improve your health overall. At the RAO Medical Spa & Anti-Aging Clinic in Mandeville, Louisiana, Dr. Purnachandra Yerneni offers supplements to help men and women in the surrounding communities. Dr. Yerneni provides high-quality, state-of-the-art supplements. Boost your nutrition and wellness with the assistance and support of a skilled medical professional. Call or click to schedule your consultation with Dr. Yerneni online.

Supplements Q & A

What are supplements?

Dietary supplements can be beneficial for your health. Your body needs to utilize and obtain vitamins and nutrients from the foods you consume for optimal functioning. Many people aren’t getting enough of these nutrients and are left with deficiencies, prompting medical complications.

In more severe cases, extreme vitamin deficiencies can lead to death. One example of this is scurvy – a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C that can cause an array of symptoms, such as weakness, fatigue, and sore limbs.

There is a range of dietary supplements that can include such ingredients as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, herbs, and enzymes. Dietary supplements are available in different forms, including liquids, tablets, soft gels, and powders.

Dr. Yerneni might recommend supplements to:

  • Boost your energy
  • Repair a deficiency
  • Improve your health overall
  • Help treat a medical condition like chronic fatigue

It’s important you take time to speak with a nutrition and supplement specialist like Dr. Yerneni to ensure you’re getting quality vitamins that are right for you and your individual needs.

Dr. Yerneni emphasizes that the primary goal is to achieve a healthy balance between the foods and nutrients your body needs.

What are some of the common dietary supplements?

Some of the common dietary supplements include:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Glucosamine
  • Vitamins D, C, and E
  • Fish oil and omega 3 fatty acids

Dr. Yerneni uses brands and companies that create the highest standard of supplements that are free from contaminants or impurities, including:

  • TA-65®
  • Unique E®
  • Xymogen®
  • Metagenics®
  • LifeExtension®
  • Orthomolecular®
  • Designs for Health®
  • Pure Encapsulations®
  • Restorative Formulations®

Dr. Yerneni helps you to decide which supplements and doses are right for you and discusses all of your medications in-depth to assess any interactions. He also reviews your medical and family history and conducts a physical exam and any necessary testing before devising a customized treatment plan.

What are the benefits of supplements?

There are many benefits of dietary supplements. Some supplements can reduce your disease risks, and others can help you rest assured that you’re getting an adequate amount of the vital substances your body needs to function.

Supplements are not a replacement for a complete meal, but rather, should be taken in addition as a complement to your healthy diet and lifestyle. Be sure to eat a variety of nutrient-dense foods and stay up to date with your health checkups and doctor visits to allow Dr. Yerneni to monitor your levels with effective testing methods.

Discover the benefits of supplements and call or click to visit Dr. Yerneni at Internal Medicine Clinic in Bogalusa, Louisiana.

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